Ping PLD Limited Edition Bruzer Putter - AS NEW

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Right Handed

Ping PLD Limited Edition Bruzer Putter

Length - 35"

Lie Angle - Black Dot

Straight Arc Putter

Condtition rating 9/10

Cover included


More Tec nformation-

The Bruzer putter, named after PING Chairman & CEO John A. Solheim’s dog, features a CNC milled and multi-material design meant for more stability. The majority of the putter head is composed from 6061 Aerospace grade lightweight aluminum (black finish part of putter), and the copper portions in the sole, back corners and on the toe and heel of the face are made from a heavier copper (tellurim copper). The design of using materials of different densities and weight is to move weight as far away from the center of gravity as possible, giving the putter more forgiveness and stability. No milling on the face gives the Bruzer a specific sound and feel to optimize user feedback. The PLD Bruzer prototype has a mid-slant hosel and an all-black stepless shaft with PP58 Rubber Midsize grip. The three sight-lines on top are the exact width of a ball, with the middle line being the longest for lining up your putt.


  • 6061 Aerospace grade lightweight aluminum
  • 3 sight-lines for lining up your putt
  • No face milling
  • PP58 Rubber Midsize grip